An annual symptom of our lunatic condition

C. S. Lewis wrote that there are three things that go around by the name "Christmas". The first is a religious festival, important to Christians and not really to anyone else. The second is a popular holiday, a time of hospitality and general merry-making. The third is, in Lewis' words, "a commercial racket", which he... Continue Reading →


The truest index of our real situation

C.S. Lewis, from his sermon, "The Weight of Glory": In some sense, as dark to the intellect as it is unendurable to the feelings, we can be both banished from the presence of Him who is present everywhere and erased from the knowledge of Him who knows all. We can be left utterly and absolutely... Continue Reading →

The demise of Wither and Frost

Finished That Hideous Strength - a wise and strange book - in many ways I was continually surprised by the strangeness of it. I believe Alan Jacobs wrote that Lewis was very influenced by Charles Williams when writing it, and whether or not I'm remembering that correctly, it has the ring of truth. It is... Continue Reading →

The horror when beauty becomes too weak a stimulant

From That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis: Suddenly...desire (salt, black, ravenous, unanswerable desire) took him by the throat. ...[This desire] disenchants the universe. Everything else that Mark had ever felt - love, ambition, hunger, lust itself - appeared to have been mere milk and water, toys for children, not worth one throb of the nerves... ...It... Continue Reading →

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