A word might have changed your path


by Bill Coyle

All do not all things well,

and there are few things more

thankless than trying to tell

a friend he hasn’t got

an ounce of talent for

the work nearest his heart –

which is why I was not

straight with you from the start.


An asteroid on a course

for earth, caught early enough

could, with a hint of force

(and a good dose of math)

be steered fatefully off.

Once, a word to you

might have changed your path.

Now what can I do?

Now it is too late:

now the course you’ve chosen

has all the force of fate,

and if I pointed out

you’re bound for a collision

with the reality

of who you are, I doubt

you’d hear me, or agree.


You are both asteroid

and shadowed impact zone

and neither can avoid

the crash that’s on its way;

and I, who might have known –

who knew – how this would end

am not about to say

anything now, my friend.