the gift of restoration, unwittingly received

W.H. Auden, from his Horae Canonicae: That, while we are thus away, our own wronged flesh May work undisturbed, restoring The order we try to destroy, the rhythm We spoil out of spite: valves close And open exactly, glands secrete, Vessels contract and expand At the right moment, essential fluids Flow to renew exhausted cells,... Continue Reading →


The mystery of virture

Alan Jacobs, in his book Shaming the Devil - Essays in Truthtelling: I want to suggest...that we (and I mean here especially we Christians) need to explore the mystery of virtue as well as the mystery of iniquity, to press our audiences to see the strangeness of goodness, the extraordinary unexpectedness of love and grace...... Continue Reading →

The deep caverns of volition

Alan Jacobs, in his book, The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis (242): Objections to Christianity...are phrased in words, but that does not mean that they are really a matter of language and analysis and argument. Words are tokens of the will. If something stronger than language were available, then we would use... Continue Reading →

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