where God is overwhelmingly active and available

Fred Sanders: "The New Testament idea of salvation is that God has dealt with us by dealing with Jesus Christ: the life, death and resurrection of Christ are the place where God the Father took hold of human nature to save it, dealt with sin decisively, and poured out his Spirit without reserve. Then and... Continue Reading →


something absolutely primal about God

Fred Sanders, in The Deep Things of God, on how the coming of Christ moved the disciples into deeper reflection on the nature of  God Himself: "Look, for instance, at the way the New Testament takes a step further back with its declaration of salvation: where God declares in the old covenant, 'I have chosen... Continue Reading →

the Trinity and a knife fight

I'm not far in, but I am enjoying The Deep Things of God by Fred Sanders because of sentences like this: As a theologian whose specialty is Trinitarian theology, I have several hundred books about the Trinity on my shelves, but only one of them includes a knife fight: the one by Nicky Cruz. '... Continue Reading →

Is God really like Jesus?

Wesley Hill, here:  The theologian T. F. Torrance tells about an incident that happened in 1944 after an assault on San Martino-Sogliano. Torrance was serving as a stretcher bearer in the conflict, and he encountered a dying soldier, 20 years old, named Private Philips. The soldier was near the end, laid out on the ground, and... Continue Reading →

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