and he went out, not knowing

  "and he went out, not knowing" (Hebrews 11:8, KJV) Last night, our group was studying Genesis chapter 12, and the calling of Abraham. Such a remarkable story, the more you think of it. We were struck again by the radical nature of the call - leave everything, and go to the land I'll show... Continue Reading →


In accord with his use of the poker

When Thomas Aquinas went to study at the University of Naples, he joined the Dominican Order. At the time, the Dominicans were a new order in the church dedicated to study, teaching and preaching. The mission of the Dominicans fit Aquinas' scholastic abilities and his personal sense of vocation; he wrote, "It is a greater... Continue Reading →

Nero’s Banquet Hall

From the Times of London: About 60 years after his death, the Roman historian Suetonius described the dining room in his chronicle Lives of the Caesars, saying it revolved "day and night, in time with the sky". The archaeologist Angelo Bottini said that the ceiling of the rotating room may well have been the same... Continue Reading →

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