Christmas Eve Meditation

Christmas Eve Service December 24th, 2009 We are gathered here tonight to remember the central reason for our celebration at Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ. We have been hearing the story of the events of that first Christmas from the Gospel readings this evening, in just a little while we will pass the... Continue Reading →


After Preaching

After preaching, the only consolations that truly help are rooted in God. Thank God for encouragement from others. Thank God for the occasional sense of a job well-done. Thank God for afternoon naps after two services in the pulpit. And thank God for the smile of my wife, a soft kiss from my daughter and... Continue Reading →

Justice and Judgment

Preparing for Sunday's sermon on I Samuel 2:12 - 26, and so was looking again at C.S. Lewis' thoughts on judgment. In his book Reflections on the Psalms, Lewis notes that Christians often talk about the thought of God's judgment  as a terrifying reality and throughout history have often prayed for deliverance on the day... Continue Reading →

The problem with serving

From Sunday's sermon on Luke 10:38 - 42 Something has gone dramatically wrong with Martha’s service. Though service is good, though she is called with all disciples of Jesus to love her neighbor as herself and to do this in concrete acts of service, her very works of service show that she is coming off... Continue Reading →

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