Ransomed to an awareness of glory

Woody Allen, here, talks about his movie "Midnight in Paris", about art, meaning, life and New York in the 40's. I saw the movie and liked it. It seemed more hopeful than much of his recent work, less concerned with the bleak nihilism that he frankly owns as a natural outcome of his¬†atheism. Allen's nihilism,... Continue Reading →


The illusion of goodness

From the PD James novel, A Certain Justice: ¬†Glancing back as they turned together into the studio, Dalgliesh felt the weight of a fleeting melancholy tinged with pity. That tranquil studio, the pots so unthreatening in design and execution, the small attempt at self-sufficiency represented by the garden and the henhouse: didn't they symbolize an... Continue Reading →

The vital religious dimension

From Raising Up A Prophet, by Sudarshan Kapur: "From A. Philip Randolph to James Farmer to Bayard Rustin, earlier attempts to apply Gandhian nonviolence to the African-American struggle lacked the vital religious dimension... To the extent that Rustin and others did not succeed, their failure was, at least in part, due to the fact that... Continue Reading →

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