We get a completely new set of people

Thomas Long, writing in his book Accompany Them With Singing: The Christian Funeral, imagines a funeral for a wife and mother named Annette. The funeral he imagines is, like so many others, "sweet and nostalgic", featuring readings of Psalm 23 and Proverbs 31, and celebrating that she "was a good woman, a good Christian". He... Continue Reading →


where God is overwhelmingly active and available

Fred Sanders: "The New Testament idea of salvation is that God has dealt with us by dealing with Jesus Christ: the life, death and resurrection of Christ are the place where God the Father took hold of human nature to save it, dealt with sin decisively, and poured out his Spirit without reserve. Then and... Continue Reading →

Called to life by love

Walter Wangerin Jr., in his utterly beautiful book, Letters from the Land of Cancer, tells a story from the winter of 1982, when he had surgery to remove the lowest lobe of his right lung.¬†Anesthetized, he dropped into that deep drugged sleep that is "the end of consciousness, the end of memory." He writes (178):... Continue Reading →

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