A word might have changed your path

Disaster by Bill Coyle All do not all things well, and there are few things more thankless than trying to tell a friend he hasn't got an ounce of talent for the work nearest his heart - which is why I was not straight with you from the start.   An asteroid on a course... Continue Reading →


As if God had stooped to whisper

A poem by Geoffrey Brock, "Sweet Recess": It's odd: the sacred world can pass for years Unseen, then fill your eyes, stopping you still, As if God had stooped to whisper in your ears Look there: the nuthatch on the kitchen sill, Feathers ruffled to fatness against the cold; The neighbor's listing shed, its siding... Continue Reading →

Thou…need’st not strive

The Latest Decalogue by A. H. Clough: Thou shalt have one God only; who Would be at the expense of two? No graven images may be Worshipp'd except the currency: Swear not at all; since, for they curse Thine enemy is none the worse: At church on Sunday to attend Will serve to keep the... Continue Reading →

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