Lack of commitment “may not feel” as committed.

  Article in the New York Times, suggesting perhaps our most significant romantic relationships need to be built on commitment after all: "Founding relationships on convenience or ambiguity can interfere with the process of claiming the people we love. A life built on top of “maybe you’ll do” simply may not feel as dedicated as... Continue Reading →


the Christian marriage proposal is an offer, not a request

Gary Thomas, in his book Sacred Marriage: "Kathleen and Thomas Hart refer to the 'paschal mystery' of marriage - the process of dying and rising as a pattern of life for married people. Each day we must die to our own desires and rise as a servant. Each day we are called to identify with... Continue Reading →

The Four Horsemen of Marriage

In Malcolm Gladwell's book Blink, he discusses the work of psychologist John Gottman. Gottman began researching marriage, seeing if he could pinpoint the factors that lead to the ultimate demise of a marriage. Gladwell writes (32): He [Gottman] has found that he can find out much of what he needs to know just by focusing on... Continue Reading →

Not comfortable, but glorious

Charles Williams in his novel The Place of the Lion, writes this unorthodox marriage proposal: "I think you're rather unkind," Damaris answered. "We both like each other - " "Dearest, I don't like you a bit," Anthony interrupted again. "I think you're a very detestable, selfish pig and prig. But I'm often wildly in love... Continue Reading →

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