The spiritual origin of worldly action

Rodney Stark, in his book Cities of God: the Christianization of the [Roman] empire was not the result of 'reactions to public calamity,' but to religious influences per se. That is, religion did not merely offer psychological antidotes for the misery of life; it actually made life less miserable! ...The truly revolutionary aspect of Christianity... Continue Reading →


A great nation of righteous laws

Christopher Wright, in the New Bible Commentary, on the 19th chapter of Leviticus: The chapter is remarkable for its breadth and depth of moral insight. It touches on the thoughts of the heart and the actions of the body, private and public behavior, and almost every major area of social life in a community. The... Continue Reading →

The vital religious dimension

From Raising Up A Prophet, by Sudarshan Kapur: "From A. Philip Randolph to James Farmer to Bayard Rustin, earlier attempts to apply Gandhian nonviolence to the African-American struggle lacked the vital religious dimension... To the extent that Rustin and others did not succeed, their failure was, at least in part, due to the fact that... Continue Reading →

Justice and Judgment

Preparing for Sunday's sermon on I Samuel 2:12 - 26, and so was looking again at C.S. Lewis' thoughts on judgment. In his book Reflections on the Psalms, Lewis notes that Christians often talk about the thought of God's judgment  as a terrifying reality and throughout history have often prayed for deliverance on the day... Continue Reading →

Abortion and the sexual revolution

If I'm on the right track, pro-life arguments are not likely to succeed by simply continuing to stress the humanity of the fetus. The opposition already knows this, as probably do most women who have an abortion. Rather, the pro-life movement must take into account the larger cultural context of the sexual revolution that invisibly... Continue Reading →

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