Making good things more precious still

I've heard that Saint Augustine told a story of a new bride on the morning after her wedding. With the groom lying beside her, she awakes in love, enthralled. But not with the groom. Instead, the morning after her wedding, she falls helplessly in love not with the man but with his most expensive gift.... Continue Reading →


the art of a good death

Thomas Long, in his book Accompany Them With Singing: The Christian Funeral, takes on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' classic On Death and Dying. One objection: "the implication in Kubler-Ross's work that knowledge of impending death somehow drives people rapidly up the stairway of emotional and ethical development is a fiction of the therapeutic culture." "The fact is... Continue Reading →

gratitude and God

I'm not a philosopher. So I'm just poking around here, not trying to claim too much. But it seems to me that one of the best lines of apologetic argument is to argue from the premise of some good of human existence or human flourishing, on to a demonstration that this "good" only makes sense... Continue Reading →

The mystery of virture

Alan Jacobs, in his book Shaming the Devil - Essays in Truthtelling: I want to suggest...that we (and I mean here especially we Christians) need to explore the mystery of virtue as well as the mystery of iniquity, to press our audiences to see the strangeness of goodness, the extraordinary unexpectedness of love and grace...... Continue Reading →

As if God had stooped to whisper

A poem by Geoffrey Brock, "Sweet Recess": It's odd: the sacred world can pass for years Unseen, then fill your eyes, stopping you still, As if God had stooped to whisper in your ears Look there: the nuthatch on the kitchen sill, Feathers ruffled to fatness against the cold; The neighbor's listing shed, its siding... Continue Reading →

While traveling, I remembered Lewis

Been traveling this weekend. Great trip, great time with the family. Still, coming home can be a long and annoying trip with two little children and crowds of people.  But while getting frustrated today on the airplane, I was helped when I suddenly remembered Lewis - not C.S., but C.K. :

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