something absolutely primal about God

Fred Sanders, in The Deep Things of God, on how the coming of Christ moved the disciples into deeper reflection on the nature of  God Himself:

“Look, for instance, at the way the New Testament takes a step further back with its declaration of salvation: where God declares in the old covenant, ‘I have chosen you,’ the new covenant announces ‘he chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world.’ The prophets do not make declarations about what happened ‘before the foundation of the world,’ but the apostles do. The main reason for this is that the coming of Christ forced the apostles to think farther back, farther down, into the ultimate foundation of God’s ways and works. When Christ brought salvation, the apostles had to decide whether the life of Jesus Christ was one more event in the series of God’s actions or whether, in meeting the Son of God, they had come into contact with something that was absolutely primal about God himself.”


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