Is God really like Jesus?

Wesley Hill, here

The theologian T. F. Torrance tells about an incident that happened in 1944 after an assault on San Martino-Sogliano. Torrance was serving as a stretcher bearer in the conflict, and he encountered a dying soldier, 20 years old, named Private Philips. The soldier was near the end, laid out on the ground, and eager for some spiritual comfort as he passed away. Torrance leaned down, and Philips said, “Padre, is God really like Jesus?” And Torrance said without hesitation, “Yes, God is like Jesus.” Or as Michael Ramsey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury said, “God is Christlike, and in Him is no unChristlikness at all.” That’s what the doctrine of the Trinity means. If you see Jesus in the Gospels healing the sick, proclaiming the kingdom, dying on the cross, and you think, “I want a God who’s like that,” then the doctrine of the Trinity says to you, “Well, you can have one, because that Jesus is God.”


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