You despair because of what you wish for

From Leo Tolstoy’s short story, “Where Love is, There God is Also”:

“I have no more desire to live,” he said; “I only wish I were dead. That is all I pray God for. I am a man without anything to hope for now.”

And the little old man said to him, “You don’t talk right, Martin: we must not judge God’s doings. The world moves, not by your skill, but by God’s will. God decreed for your son to die, for you – to live. Consequently, it is for the best. And you are in despair, because you wish to live for your own happiness.”

“But what shall one live for?” asked Martin.

And the little old man said, “We must live for God, Martin. He gives you life, and for His sake you must live.”


One Comment

  1. The title and the epithet that follows it will provide good food for thought for days. I heard someone once ask, “How is your present disappointment, discouragement, or discontentment a window into what has wrongly captured your heart?” Right thinking brings hope; wrong thinking dispair. Thanks for your post.


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