After Preaching

After preaching, the only consolations that truly help are rooted in God.

Thank God for encouragement from others. Thank God for the occasional sense of a job well-done. Thank God for afternoon naps after two services in the pulpit. And thank God for the smile of my wife, a soft kiss from my daughter and a son who just wants to wrestle dad.

But these things are either too fickle or, though so good, not enough to soothe my heart and mind. My fears and insecurities are too pronounced and too deeply rooted. My inability too pronounced. Wounds after preaching are spiritual and emotional and usually not rooted in reason – though my critical reason can go to town tearing my own words – and the comments of others – apart.

So after preaching, I desperately return to a trust in His Word and in His Spirit to speak, and a trust in the  security of the love of God for me in Christ. I remind myself of this truth. The Spirit of God ministers this truth to me. And this is the only consolation that brings peace.


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